Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Before and After

Since we've been home we've been busy getting settled back into our lives here... back to nursery for Lois, and back to our general routine around here. We're also still working on our place, trying to make it more of our own, as much as we can as renters anyway. I showed you our front room a while back, the dark red floral wallpaper that we wanted to remove and then the color we wanted to paint it.
Yikes! It's busier than I remember.
Well, we had a it painted a few months ago (which you can see in the top photo), and I love it! I'm so happy our landlords let us paint it. I've only recently gotten it together well enough for a few pictures. We still need a few things in there to make it more homey and decorated, like something above the fireplace and a small sofa (update, I've added some below). I also need something good for storage. I'd love some sort of apothecary cabinet, something with nice big drawers with glass windows. I want to store things but be able to see them too. So we'll see what I can find. In the meantime, I'm loving it! I'm really grateful my hubbers pretty much let me have the room to do as I wanted with it. I made a few things for the baby before we left, like this diaper pad clutch and some more booties. I've been busy in there last night and today tidying up because a group of women are coming over to craft next week! Some women in the neighborhood have started a little craft group and I can't wait to see how it develops. I have so many things in mind to make for the baby.The front room is nice with a cozy fire as well.
And here's another update a few months later... although I've since moved the sofa to an opposite wall and now have a long, skinny table under the window with my sewing machine. But I hung my Amsterdam embroidery above the fireplace and my bike now lives in the front room, where it looks super cute!
And then I decided to tack up the string like this below. 
And now I have lots of cute bits and bobs in the room as well. 

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Anna said...

What a change! Paintig the room was a great idea:)