Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Before and After

Since we've been home we've been busy getting settled back into our lives here... back to nursery for Lois, and back to our general routine around here. We're also still working on our place, trying to make it more of our own, as much as we can as renters anyway. I showed you our front room a while back, the dark red floral wallpaper that we wanted to remove and then the color we wanted to paint it.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We're back from Atlanta now and getting settled into our house again. We had a great time in the US these last seven weeks but we're happy to be home now. I hope you had a great Christmas and a happy, safe New Year. We watched the big London fireworks show on TV, which was amazing (photos below, of the TV!) and we also watched a wonderful documentary on happiness over the weekend called Happy. If you haven't already seen it, and you have an interest in being happier (and who doesn't?), I recommend watching it. You can get it on Netflix or the documentary's web site. The photo above is from Jessie and Buddug's shop and is one of my favorite quotes. I've posted it before, but it's one that I think of when I think of happiness, a reminder that you often have to be proactive to achieve it. (More of their shop photos here.) So if you're interested in more happiness, I think the documentary is wonderful. Also, two books I like on the subject are Authentic Happiness and Flow. Is that happy overload? This week I'll be working on making our house a happy one, doing a lot more that needs to be done, like making some curtains. I was going to buy them, but I can't find what I want, so this will be my first attempt at making some. Fingers crossed. I need to make some for our bedroom and Lo's bedroom and might make some for the front room too. I have a fun idea for her curtains that involves her help. Pictures to come.