Thursday, 23 August 2012


Still waiting on baby to arrive! My mom's here in town now, so I'm actually glad the bun is holding off a bit. I've been having a lot of fun taking my mom around to some of my favorite places around the neighborhood. And she's been helping me a lot at our new place. My nesting instinct has kicked in and I feel like I want to get a lot of things done asap! Like our front room. I'd love for it to look like the photo above. Really nice, huh? (found on Pinterest). It is a living room that we don't actually need since our kitchen is connected to another living room, but I wanted to turn it into a room we'd use. I thought maybe it could be Andrew's office, but he'd prefer an area in our bedroom for that. So I thought it would be a sitting room / sewing room. It has burgundy-gold floral wallpaper on the walls right now.
I really don't mind the print or colors, and it goes with a lot of my things, but it doesn't go at all with any of my sewing bits and bobs and the room is just quite dark in general. (I've just been stashing things in there until I knew what to do with them, so it looks pretty messy below.)

So I got the nerve up to ask our landlord if we could remove the paper and paint the walls, and they said sure! (I always get so nervous about that sort of thing!) My inspiration has mainly come from looking at my sewing supplies to see what color would look good with all of it and also looking at pinterest and one of my favorite books, Homespun Style. I want the room to be very cheerful and pretty with a colorful mix of prints and patterns. Here's a test on the wall below. We decided on the one on the right. I bought that little seat (or footstool?) at the thrift store this week and the cushion is one my mom gave me. The lamp I bought at a San Francisco flea market and it's one of my favorite things. I thought I'd just see how they went with the color. I can't wait till it's completed! With baby on the way, though, it might be a bit before I have some "after" pictures ready to show. But I'll be sure to post when it's done.

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