Friday, 16 March 2012

Paris Days

Carousels. No shortage of carousels in Paris! We always stop when we see one. This one above is at the Hotel de Ville. I've gotten a little behind in posting our Paris outings. I have a lot of catching up to do! We usually go out once a day to a park or playground, but we also try to check out a few other places, like bakeries or shops, for as long as Lois will let me anyway. Here's some of what we've been up to the last two weeks.

Here's Lois at the Eiffel Tower. She loves her camera my sister bought her for Christmas. It's really cute to see how excited she gets to take photos.
We've spotted some really cool shops, like this one that only sells film posters and old printed film promotional materials. 
And I've been scouting some craft stores. This one above is Le Bonheur des Dames, which I read about in Paris Made by Hand. If you're looking for cross stitch or embroidery supplies in Paris, this would be a great place to go. I'd like to do a longer post on it sometime soon.
Le Bon Marche is a very nice department store near our apartment. I like the sign at night. 
Every Sunday we go to the Rue Raspail farmer's market, which is a wonderful market. Fruit, veg, dairy, meats, fish, even some handmade items. There's also a guy who makes amazing potato pancakes (he sets up at the front entrance area--you probably can follow your nose). They taste like they have some onion and gruyere cheese in them. Sooo good!
The Conran Shop is near our place. It's a really amazing home goods store. Furniture, lighting, rugs, bedding, kitchen, bath, books, cool kids stuff. It's really fun to browse here. 
What you see above is the fanciest cupcake I've ever had (uh, most expensive and beautiful). It's a hummingbird cupcake from Synies. It was very good! I had walked by a few times and also read about Synies here on this great blog (if you want some Paris to-do, to see, to eat info, put her blog on your reading list). Just today she has another cupcake post

We took Lois to a marionette show in Luxembourg Gardens. We saw Little Red Riding Hood. It was ADORABLE! The sets were really great, and though it was in French, and we couldn't understand much,  we know the story so it didn't really matter, and it was a lot of fun. Lois loved it. I recommend it even if you don't have kids. They have shows on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays. See the web site for info. 
Pastries. We have not found a bad one yet. Here we stopped for a few minutes to have a chocolate eclair. 
We've also had some really nice weather. 
 Just walking along the streets is nice, I really like seeing little flower shops.
A lot more to see and do... More soon! Oh, and I'm still torn between large and x-large photos. These are all large except for the top one. Do you like them large or x-large? I wish there was something in between, but I don't know HTML and am limited to the blogger template. (Update, went back to the biggin's!)


Melizza Makes said...

Extra large drew out more "oohs" and "ahhs" from me.

Gorgeous pics!

Leigh said...

Thanks, Melizza, I changed them to x-large :) They look soooo big, but I agree, the large is kind of meh compared to huge :)

Kim said...

You have a fabulous life. I enjoy all you share of it.
Lois looks beautiful!♥

KT said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures and beautiful photos. I would love to see more of that craft store!