Thursday, 2 February 2012

Seeing In Color: Bright!

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts! It is soooo cold here lately that I'm having a hard time thinking straight. I think my brain is going into freeze mode. Layers of wool, fleece, and down can't even keep me warm the last few days! It has me longing for spring. The daffodils are starting to peek up in the park, and I can't wait till they bloom. In the meantime, I'm thinking bright, spring thoughts. I've been having fun adding some colorful inspiration to my pinterest. The image above is now on my "makes me happy" board. Don't you just love pinterest? 


Karen in CT said...

... wow, you have a lot of boards ... but I started following them all .. I am Karen in Ct ... how exciting to be moving to Paris. Very cold there this time of year, burrrrr .. good luck.

Leigh said...

Thanks Karen! I didn't see your pinterest, but I will look again :)