Saturday, 25 February 2012

Around Town

We've had a really nice first week in Paris. We've mostly been getting to know the neighborhood (we're in the 6th arrondissement for now, in a temporary apartment) and exploring some parks. We took Lois to the Tuileries Garden to run around and check out the playground and the sailboats there. I love that kids can rent sailboats and push them around with a stick and watch them sail. We also took her to Luxembourg Gardens, where they have a great playground and a very old, charming carousel. 
And of course we've been eating! We found a great boulangerie around the corner from our place. 
Last Wednesday I went to a knitting and crochet group at L’Oisive Thé. My friend Carrie in San Francisco told me about it. I was nervous to go since I don't speak French (not but a few words yet anyway) and I'm just a very beginner crocheter and knitter. But it was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I went. I was reassured by the fact that the owner, Aimee, is an American.  
And we've been sprucing up our apartment at bit. It's a temporary furnished rental that we found on Home Away, and it could use some TLC. We started with a few basics like a tablecloth, some small rugs, candles and flowers. It's more homey now. 
And we've been taking at walk around dusk each night. Well not even intentionally, but it seems we're out around that time of day each day, and when the sun sets it casts really beautiful light on the buildings. 


Jen Kershner said...

It all looks so beautiful. What an amazing experience to have!

caroline said...

so lovely. stohrer! xo

Carla said...

It must be fun watching the kids sail their boats, I mean, normal people doing common things in a country we do not know. I like to observe others in their daily life because it helps me understand their culture. When I travelled to Argentina, I also got a Buenos Aires temporary rent. I was convinced that that was going to give me the possibility of learning about the toughts and ideology of locals and it did. Being a neighbour to them, they would treat me as equal and talk to me about anything. I loved that feeling!