Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I love looking at little clothes for kids (I've made a pinterest board for some here). Although I usually shop H&M or Target for Lois, I really love handmade, beautiful clothes. My friend Caroline gave me a great jumper (this one!) from when she was making kids clothes, and I just love it. Lois has worn it a few times, but I'm actually nervous for her to wear it because I like it so much! Silly, I know. Anyway, I love little handmade clothes. I was in Hop Like Bunny yesterday, a great children's shop near our apartment, and they're having a sale. Woohoo. One label they carry there is Hucklebones. I love their clothes! They don't have much posted on their site right now I imagine because it's near the end of the season, but you can see more on their blog. I love the top above! I love the fabric and the collar. It's just really beautiful. It makes me want to learn to make nice wee clothes. From their blog, I also love this and this and this....
Image from the Hucklebones blog

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mn said...

love Hucklebones too! and every time I see those clothes, I see the construction seems so simple, I think "I could make that!". which isn't exactly true. but YOU could. SO lovely.