Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Get Inspired: Beehive Style

Doesn't Natalie Wood look so strong and beautiful here? I love this picture of her. I think I've posted it before, but ah, it doesn't get old for me. Just like her personal style, the photo itself is classic. I'm not sure just how classic my personal style is, but I'd like to daydream that it's a bit like hers. I'm really excited to be involved with promoting Beehive Style, a great new boutique that sells handmade jewelry, accessories, home decor and kid's items. And I'm also excited to have my personal style featured on the "get inspired" page of the site! I paired the Natalie Wood photo with a Beehive Style necklace, a nice modern asymmetrical tear drop neckalce that I'm coveting, along with a Topshop little black dress, and some Christian Louboutin booties. Sizzle! Hmm, I could use a bag to go with it. Back to shopping!! 

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