Wednesday, 14 September 2011

In Bloom: Saipua

Homemaking is made better with flowers, don't you think? On the weekends Andrew often brings home flowers from the farmer's market, and they usually always last a week, sometimes up to two weeks (if I'm good about changing the water, etc.). I love having flowers in the house. Wether we have flowers in bloom in our house or not, I also love the Saipua blog, where I can see beautiful photos of flowers every day.
Saiupa is a handmade soap and flower arrangement business based in Brooklyn, and I always love seeing what's new. I especially like the darker, moody lighting in some of the photos. The top image here is from a found scrapbook from Sara Kate studios. I found it on pinterest. And all the flower images below are from the Saiupa blog. Beautiful.


PJ said...

i buy fresh flowers every week! they make my home feel special even on the most ordinary days.

now, if only my flower arrangements could look more like those at Saipua, that would be really special!

personal trainer mayfair said...

Your flower arrangement is so pretty! Love it.