Saturday, 9 July 2011

Laundry Day

A while back I saw THE cutest tea towels at Anthropologie. I usually like their embroidered and appliqued tea towels, but a few laundry themed towels really made me squeal (you can see them here and here). I wanted to buy them, but then again, I thought it might be fun to make something like it. And I'm kind of cheap when it comes to things like this. I don't know why, but I am. I'm okay with digesting a great $100 meal with some nice wine if I get the chance, but a tea towel for $20ish, something I could potentially use for years? I think twice and decide to spend 8 hours making one instead!
I actually made this a few weeks ago. I had grand ideas of making a little tea towel series, but after laundry day, it was tea time, and I stopped there. I stopped for now anyway. They are fun to make. Of course any craft that involves tiny clothes is fun. Laundry day started with cutting out tiny clothes...
And cute liberty print underwear... (you see Lois was helping me hang the clothes)
Can't resist vintage button flowers...
Laundry day is over... now it's tea time!  
I finished tea time and gave it to my sister-in-law.

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Briar {Sunday Collector} said...

Such a gorgeous series of photos, made me sleepy - but in a peaceful way! I have a teatowel from Anthropologie - a teapot embroidered design - but those ones you pointed out are super cute!