Friday, 13 May 2011

Amsterdam: Made by Hand

Greetings from Amsterdam! I've been looking forward to this weekend getaway trip for a while now in large part because I love the book Amsterdam: Made by Hand. It's always great to have a friend to give you the inside scoop to a city--to tell you the shops you'll like, neighborhoods, nice places to have a snack or just wander, and the second best to having that is finding a book that does just that. That's how I feel about Amsterdam: Made by Hand. Here's a peek into the book. If you plan to go to Amsterdam, and love handmade, vintage, or otherwise unique things, you'll love this book. The photos alone to me are worth the book. Photos from the book are all by the author, Pia Jane Bijkerk. More pictures from Amsterdam coming soon. It's been a wonderful first day!


Lobster and swan said...

Enjoy, will look forward to seeing what you find, I love this book, and can't wait to put my copy to good use when I eventually get to Amsterdam x

Leila said...

Very nice pictures, Amsterdam is such a relaxing and soothing place..