Sunday, 9 January 2011

Daydreaming of Wallpaper

I've been thinking of wallpaper lately, specifically Deborah Bowness's wallpapers. I love her bookshelves wallpaper. I might have to make a trip to Caravan to get a roll. I also love her vintage frocks wallpaper. Actually, I like all of them! They've made their way around the design blogs for some time now, but I don't get tired of them.  
Images: One, two, three, four


trashsparkle said...

She's doing some fab stuff at the moment - I worked at the RCA when she was doing her MA; its great to see her doing so well.
Elle Decoration p43 has paper by Young & Battaglia - the books are facing pages-outward, which is, apparently, what its all about at the moment. A daft idea - the spines are what makes Deborah's wallpaper so interesting!

Kim said...

this bookshelves wallpaper looks just like a little room in our house that we call the Ultra Lounge...I wish the book cases were built into the walls though to afford us more space in this tiny room. I love this concept of paper too!

Nina said...

Me too!
I bought the bookshelf when I last visited London. I have not yet hung it, I´m waiting to move first.