Friday, 31 December 2010

Sewing Nook

A while back I gave you a little peek at my sewing nook. I'm pretty much finished with it now. I was just waiting to amass enough buttons to make a button border on my inspiration board. And my mom helped me out with that. Over Thanksgiving she let me raid her button stash and take all I wanted. Oooh, buttons, so fun! This little space is a work in progress, but it's a start. This area started as the bar (see how it started looking as a bar here), but the shelves were too narrow and too far apart to make it look good with bar accessories, and since we rent here, and I know the landlord isn't too keen on changes, I thought it would work better as a something else, and I've been wanting a craft space. Now that my machine and supplies are out of the closet, I have no excuses! Here's to more sewing in 2011. Happy New Year!!


Kim said...

Happy New Year!
Did you make that little bird? I love it so much..makes me think of my English friend who collects birds..or at least she always sends me a CHristmas card picturing a little fat English Robin every year. Love the nook.
Squeeze Lois for me. Oh I wrote you a comment about your grandma on a post I looked at from a couple years ago. Did you get it?
Happy DAy!

Leigh said...

Hi Kim,
The bird is one of Ann Wood's birds. You can see them here when you click on "birds":
Some friends of mine gave it to me, and I love it! Also, I did read your nice comment about my grandma. Thanks for reading back and for mentioning it. Hope you had a great Christmas and happy new year!

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