Wednesday, 22 September 2010


We're back from our road trip now, but we had a great time (so did Lois, as you can see from her big smile above). Our last stop was in Barcelona, where we spent 2 full days. We mainly strolled around and at tapas. Here's a peek at Barcelona.
Pretty buildings along La Rambla
La Rambla, with its wide pedestrian walkway. 
The narrow, winding streets of the old town (which was my favorite part of Barcelona).
A lot of the bars, cafes, and shops in the old town are itty bitty. 
We saw a handful of Antoni Gaudi buildings. 
The Barcelona harbor. 
One of my favorite parts, La Boqueria, a fantastic food market!
Red figs! I love figs and these looked so pretty that I had to get some. They were delicious. 
Ahh, sangria and tapas! Yum. We ate lots o' tapas. 
And tried some paella. 
Lois tried a few new things too. Barcelona was great, and I hope we get to go back one day and see more. 


samantha. said...

WOW, these pics are gorgeous! i watched the film Vicky Christina Barcelona (so good!) and they mention Gaudi's architecture in it! Now I know why they traveled there to see it-- A-mazing!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm American, married to a Brit. We've just moved back to the UK (Greater London) after living in the States for 6 years. I lived here for 18 months prior to that, but this time we're here to stay.

We're off to the Kempton Park market tomorrow and I found your blog through a Google image search. After seeing your pics, I can't wait for tomorrow!

I used to publish a tea-related blog, but gave it up when pressures from the move (we sold everything we had in order to come back) became too demanding. My friends are begging me to do an England blog, but I don't know? For now, I'm recording our comings-and-goings via my Facebook page.

Anyway, nice to "meet" you. Your blog is beautiful.



Anonymous said...

P.S. This was my tea blog:

Erin said...

Brave girl!! My son would have shaken his head and grimaced if I asked him to take a bite of that! Priceless picture--and everything else looks beautiful, too!

Erin said...
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Brooke said...

So fun to see these pictures. I love that itty bitty tea shop.


Kim said...

Got a kick out of Lois eating that crab or crawdad or what ever it is!
Does your Mom still have her Etsy shop?

Entre Nous said...

Love the photos!

Julie said...

I went to Spain a few years ago and it was so magical! Barcelona was by far my favorite-all those wonky Gaudi buildings were so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Leigh said...

Hi Kim, yes, my mom still has her etsy. It's the carriage trade on etsy :)