Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sew Excited

If I can ever get my paypal account sorted out, I'm going to sign up for this class: Home Ec, an online beginner sewing class! I've been hunting around for sewing classes around London and have found a few, but they are usually pretty expensive and often only cover one or two projects in each class. Home Ec is a go at your own pace class. It covers 26 fun projects, with each project focusing on a particular sewing skill, starting from beginner level working up to more advanced sewing techniques. Head over to The Freckled Nest to read more about it. Class starts today but you have until the 15th to sign up. I hope I can get my paypal sorted by then! (It won't accept my billing address for my debit card here--it seems to only accept US addresses. If anyone knows how to sort this issue, let me know. The "help" section in paypal has not been very helpful on this topic.)
Images from The Freckled Nest. 

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