Friday, 13 August 2010

Lolo's Room

Lois's room is finished! It's been pretty much finished for months, but I wanted to make something to cover the dark fireplace and finally did that this week. I also wanted to finish her bunting. Both are done so welcome to Lois's room! If you saw her room in San Francisco or saw pictures on my blog, it's basically the same, mostly all the same stuff anyway, but I hung things in a different arrangement and she has some different curtains now. Almost everything in her room is either from Ikea, a flea market, or a thrift store. Here's the tour...
Daybed from Ikea and lots of pillows. One can never have too many pillows! At least I can't.
Some of the pillows are store bought, but a few are handmade. My aunt made this red ruffle pillow that I love. 
This bird and tulip pillow came from a thrift store and I made the patchwork pillow behind it from one of Alicia Paulson's patterns
Little doll named Lois came from the Alemany flea market in San Francisco. 
Stripes here is from Laku, one of my favorite San Francisco shops. 
Artwork by my nephews. Frames from Ikea. 
Artwork from a high school friend. You can see it larger here.
Vintage books in a pew holder and "L" is for Lion vintage fabric from my friend Alex
The wheels on the bus go round and round! Bus painting my Mose Tolliver. One time when I was in, I dunno, maybe middle school, I painted over one of his watermelon paintings--eek! I guess I just thought I could improve it. Woops. 
You are Beautiful by Cathy Nichols on etsy. 
Vintage Child Life magazines. Lisa gave these to me. I love them (just look!) and wish I could win bids on them on ebay, but I never do. The magazine holder is from Anthropologie. 
Bunting! I made this bunting with her name on it this week. This is above her crib (which is from Ikea). My mom found the apron in an antique store. The dress on the far left is from Vintage Touch on etsy and the one on the right is from a shop in Atlanta, but I can't think of the store right now!
Curtains and her dresser (the top of it anyway). My aunt made the floral curtain, but I can't remember the name of the fabric right now. It's an older Amy Butler fabric. I think it's from her Gypsy Caravan collection. I made the yellow gingham panels to go underneath. 
Custom bookplates from Oiseaux on etsy. 
Lots of vintage books on a spinning rack my mom bought at a flea market (this thing weighs a ton and has been all over the place).
Above the book rack is artwork by my friend Michelle
Flea market treasures and a party hat made by moi.

One of her birth announcements that I made. 
My solution to a very dark red brick and black fireplace. It's actually very pretty under the curtain, but it just didn't go with the room. The curtain isn't perfect by any means, and I couldn't find a pole to fit close enough to the top, so I should have made a wider hem at the top to let it ruffle out, but this is at least better than before!
That's all for the show, folks. Hope you enjoyed it! 


Miss Sew & So said...

i am in heaven just looking at little lois room!

my kiddos also had rooms *created* as you have made Lois'...vintage and 2nd hand finds...special hand me downs and artwork by family & friends...i truelybelieve it give children a sense of belonging and who they are when soo much love and thought has gone into their special space...its just lovely!

melissa ...

Michelle said...

Absolutely beautiful and a room that will grow with her!

Kim said...


Conn said...


Anonymous said...

Lois's room is sooooo you Leigh!! When are you going to publish your book? Love and miss you, Mom XXXOOOXXX


It turned out just great Leigh. She is surrounded by so much love in that room! I think the fireplace treatment works well. It reminds me of a puppet show curtain. You expect Punch and Judy to pop out!
Hope you all have recovered from your bug!
Lisa & Alfie

katiecrackernuts said...

It's a beautiful room. So many sweet, thought out, gifted, thrifted and loved pieces.

La Dolfina said...

Hi, I just stumbled on your blog and am loving your style. Do you live in the Bay Area? I'm in Alameda. I was reading your flea market posts and was confused about whether you were here or in England? Anyway, I'm loving your blog and can't wait to come back later for more. Stop by and say Hi when you get a chance!!

sunday collector said...

Such an adorable room. So nice to have found your blog. I think we like the same stuff!

Michelle said...

awww, L-boo is so lucky to have such a cute room. You did such a great job.

Just call me Katrinka said...

Lucky, lucky Lois!

Dottie said...

Oh, I loved her place in SF and I've been wondering about how her room would change.

Hurrah! It is divine. And I'm so glad the bunny pinafore made it to the wall again.

nath said...

it's wonderful, full of the most delightful treasures. you do have quite the eye!

spearmint baby said...

so cute! i'd love to share her room on would it be ok to do a link back post? shari

Brandi said...

I love how childish it is without being over the top. Great job!

Kim said...

oh I found the post of Lois' room. Now I'm getting excited with some ideas. My daughter lives in Oregon and I live in Indiana so it is a long way but I can get some inspiration for gifts. I love the ruffly pillow. Did you make that?