Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Last weekend we went to check out the English seaside in Brighton. I think every Londoner had the same idea! It was soooo packed (though you can't really tell from these pictures). It was a little too packed to be comfortable for us, but it made for a few pretty pictures. I'd like to go back and check it out again, but maybe during a different time of year or on a not so beautiful day. (That might sound strange, but of course it was the great weather that drove everyone to the beach last weekend.) A carousel, great beach chairs, interesting pebble beach (no sand!), fish and chips--all nice beach treats.


Anne-Marie (10 Rooms) said...

Ahh.. I can hear the waves.. thank you for the brief escape :) and btw - your entry is wonderful!

Brooke said...

Wow. Love the pebbles Pola and the beach one, too. And fish and chips ~ mmm :)