Saturday, 19 June 2010

Paris Girl's Weekend

This weekend I'm in Paris with Caroline for her birthday! Paris was her city pick for a weekend getaway while she's in London, so here we are!  Yesterday we went to Rose Bakery (a place she's been wanting to visit since she got their cookbook). It was delicious! I had a leek and mushroom tart with a few salads (pictured below).

Then we strolled around the Marias, an area of charming narrow streets, great shops, and cafes. We worked up an appetite so we stopped for a sweet treat at a cafe along the Place des Vosges. I had a tarte tatin with creme fraiche and a coffee. (Marias walk pictures below.)

Later, for dinner, we went to Le Fumior. They have a library room in the back, which was perfect for Caroline because she's getting her master's in library science. The room was so cozy and dinner was great! More from Paris coming soon.


Pixie Drive-In said...

How exciting! I want to go to Paris so badly. Lovely photos!

jane said...

dream dream. that looks so perfect - the map is beautiful. i am plotting a little escape to paris (still in my head at the moment , but i hope to make it reality soon....). love the library. so much to smile about here.

heidi said...

I like the fringed lampshade and books as a backdrop. Very atmospheric.