Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Our little place is coming along slowly but surely. Hopefully I'll like some things I've done enough to post pictures soon. I think I said that before weeks ago though! Lordy, it seems to be taking me forever to get it together. It's hard for me to visualize what this place needs that we don't have--what would work where--and hard, too, when I figure it out but can't jump in a car and go get that fixture, stand, picture, etc. that I have in mind (because we don't have a car here). One thing that's practically coming along by itself is our little garden. I've bought a number of plants that have started to bloom and the rose bushes that were already here are starting to bloom as well. It's so nice to see pretty flowers just outside each day. Indoors things are starting to blossom, and I'll show you soon.


Kim said...

I, for one, would like to see your little place as it progresses. I can't seem to want to wait till you have it all together. Sometimes the fun is in the gettin' it together, not the finished product. I'd like to see your little garden too. I love photos and you have really good ones! So post away, darlin'

Leigh said...

Kim, you are right! I will post some pics now :)