Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tea Time

Our place is still quite messy, but it's coming along, and I do love it. Yesterday I cleared off a corner of the table and had tea with Lois. I pulled out the Dixie Dogwood, which I think is so pretty. It's not fancy, just pretty. It was a nice little tea break.  
PS. Our internet connection is VERY slow but I'll be back responding to some comments and reading your blogs soon.  We get internet service at the house on Friday.  


the letters i wish i'd written said...

Y'know, not enough people take the time to sit down and really enjoy a cup of tea. I love that you have busted out the tea set and biscuits, so civilized!

Francy said...

What a cute tea set!

peggy said...

I am glad you are finally getting back to normal can be in another are quite a trooper!
love to all

caroline said...

i want to come to tea. hopefully i can!