Thursday, 4 March 2010


I changed all the icon pictures of the shops I've visited just for a fresher look. I was thinking they were starting to look a bit stale. Time to pull back the curtains and do a little spring cleaning. I still want to have a 3 column blog and larger pictures, but this is a start. I really want to get into some new shops as well. For a while I had a goal of visiting 1 shop a week and posting about them, but obviously that hasn't happened! Maybe once we unpack and get settled I'll get more in the swing of it.


Emily said...

your photos feel like spring. have loved British country living for excited to see your new home with english, mom xxxxxoooox

Erik said...

I really like the photo. One word to describe it? Refreshing. On my part, we also had a fresh start. We moved to another place lately, the beautiful Kansas City. Carpet cleaners are the first few people that I've been looking for since we arrive in Kansas because our new home isn't clean. The curtains are dirty too. Kansas City carpet cleaning tasks is the first thing that I completed, though. My wife was so happy with our new life and new beginning.