Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lois Makes a Valentine

In general I think Valentine's is a silly commercial holiday that tends to make a lot of people feel bad rather than good, but it is a fun holiday for arts and crafts, and I'm all for arts and crafts. Earlier this week Lois made her very fist Valentine card for her daddy at play group. Mostly pink with some red, and a touch of glitter and gold, here is the result. Happy Valentine's from me and Lois to you!


Kim said...

Lois is darling and such a good artist!

littlebyrd said...

So sweet :) Her card is lovely!! My boy is not at all the arts and crafts type!

Alisa said...

That gluestick(?) shot is priceless!!! You're really inspiring me to take more day-in-the-life photos of my family--thank you.