Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Peaceful Thinking

The countdown is on!  I still have sooo much to do before Christmas. I'm not the type of person who shops throughout the year to be finished by Halloween, or has all her shopping done before Thanksgiving, with gifts wrapped and waiting in the closet.  Not me.  I wait till 2 weeks before to shop!  Well, this year we did.  I've also been making a lot of sweater pillows for all the little people in our family, and I'm a bit under the wool here.  My determination to finish these, and lack of much time to do so (just spent 15 minutes cleaning squished banana out of a sisal rug), has made me feel behind in other things, like shopping for presents!  The pillows are presents, but just little ones for the kids so everyone else needs presents.  Our families are small, so gift buying really isn't that overwhelming or crazy expensive, so I'm not complaining here about gifts, etc.  I like Christmas and gift-giving.  But sometimes I need a reminder to chill.  We went for a walk around the neighborhood the other night, and I saw this little entryway that I loved. An otherwise inconspicuous entry, calling for attention with its festive, bright lights and red ornaments.  It's so pretty and simple and peaceful. I'll keep it in mind today as I wrap the first of our gifts.

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Hey, have you seen the upside down christmas tree hanging in the window around the corner from you?
Lisa & Alfie