Monday, 12 October 2009

Fall at the Farmer's Market

You know summer has officially turned to fall when you see chestnuts at the farmer's market. Chestnuts, pumpkins, and lots and lots of apples. Today we headed across the bridge to go to the Marin Farmer's Market, which is one of our favorite farmer's markets. It would be nice if it were closer to our neighborhood, but then again it's fun to cross the bridge and see beautiful views in all directions. No blue skies or rainbows today, but the misty fog created its own beauty. The fog sweeps over the hills like smoke and looks really dramatic when it's especially thick. Being from the southeast, it's still so neat to see it. The weather was perfect for fall market shopping--just chilly enough to make you want some hot apple cider.

Chestnuts. The shells are soft and velvety on the inside, rough and prickly on the outside.

Piles and piles of apples today.

Straw flowers, just because they are so pretty. I love how they look slick, as if they've been dipped in olive oil.

Cabbage bouquets.

A very interesting pumpkin. The color was golden orange and the stem was the same as the skin. These pumpkins were so pretty and bright.


Brussels sprouts on the stalk. A dad next to us was explaining to his son how they grew on the stalk. The little boy was fascinated.

A misty morning through the golden gate.

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The Vintage Modern Girl said...

such beautiful photos! i want that purple cabbage bouquet! and those chestnuts bring back some interesting family had three chestnut trees while i was growing up. one of my Fall chores was picking up chestnuts off the ground. those hulls are wicked to touch or step on...yikes!