Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Big Flea

Today's the big Alameda flea market. As I type this I'm sure the hardcore market-goers are scoring some great treasures by flashlight. I'd love to go, but we need to get a lot of other things done, and I know if I go, I won't get any of those other things done. Going to the big flea wipes me out, in part because it's so good and so big and in part because it always takes forever to get home across the bridge. But it's a great flea market and totally worth the traffic hassle. I wasn't surprised to see it in an article on the best flea markets in the world in the last issue of Budget Travel. Next month I'll be there. I want to find some vintage Christmas wrapping paper and ornaments for our Christmas tree to be. Here are a few pictures from a few months back.


Thrifted Treasure said...

Sounds great! I love that little vintage bucket :-) Really enjoyed all your posts about London, I will refer to your blog as a travel guide next time I'm there!


Little girl, it was exhausting and a disappointing turnout for all the effort that goes into it. And you are so right because it took over an hour to get home today. And yet it is so addictive.
Lisa & Alfie

littlebyrd said... !!!!!