Sunday, 9 August 2009

Weekend Market

This morning we went to the farmer's market in our neighborhood on 24th Street. It's a small farmer's market, but we can usually find everything we're looking for. Everything's looking bright and delicious lately. We usually try to make a menu for each week so we don't waste too much food. We pick out certain meals to make, make a list, and buy for those meals and usually only get some random fruit outside of our list. It's a pretty structured cooking routine, but it works for us. Sometimes it's hard to stick to the list, though, when everything looks so pretty, especially when we go to the market hungry. Shopping hungry is never a good idea! We gobbled up a good bit of what we bought as soon as we got home. Lets see if we can get through the week without buying more.


littlebyrd said...

Everything looks so good! We do the menu planning thing too and I agree, it works so well for us. we don't waste food like we did before we planned and I like that.

Brit said...

The photos are great! I love farmer's markets, there is always such a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.
Thanks for sharing!