Saturday, 15 August 2009

And We're Off!

We're headed to London today for our 6 week adventure! Andrew will be working hard as usual, but we'll make plenty of time for fun, too. Wish us luck on the 10+ hour flight with the little bundle. This time we have LOTS of extra diapers, and we've loaded our carry on bags with plenty of snacks and toys. We also ordered some neat baby travel gadgets from this company, including some snack/toy clips that attach one end to the snack or toy and one end to baby so that the person next to us won't constantly have to pick up her teething biscuits and toys out of the isle. We're as ready as we can be. London here we come!
This is London by M. Sasek.



Have a fantastic time Andrew, Leigh and Lois! I am so excited to see what adventures you go on here. Be safe and eat lots of good food.
Lisa & Alfie

littlebyrd said...

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!