Thursday, 30 July 2009

King's Farm Market

Back down south again today for some good eats. The significantly better alternative to the Piggly Wiggly in Edisto is King's Farm Market. It's a little farther out, but worth the drive for some homemade pie. Not only are the pies great, but the fruit and veggies can't be beat. We needed some basil but didn't see any, so we asked the nice lady who was working there if they had any, and she said she'd go pick some! She walked out to the garden then was back in about a minute with our hand-picked basil. It doesn't get fresher than that. The market also has really cute country charm: fresh flowers in rustic tins for vases, a great vintage stove stands in for display, and some vintage items for sale, too, like "nostalgic" signs. They even have chickens out back.

Speaking of food, I guess I haven't mentioned yet how much Andrew cooked while we were at the beach, like his own homemade peach pie, which we ate in addition to a number of King's Farm pies (oink, oink). When I say Andrew's homemade pie, I mean the crust, too. YUM. He also made homemade pizza on the grill, homemade--get down good--sticky buns, and burgers with some local grass fed beef. He's quite the gourmand. Beach eats were good eats for sure. Shown below, Andrew's peach pie, or in this case, beach pie!

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nath said...

i love a man who can cook!