Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My Martha Daydream

If I'm ever on the Martha Stewart show making party hats with Martha (yeah right, I know, but it's my current daydream while I'm not suffering from party hat making fatigue), I'd like to wear this cute shirt and these shoes. Too matchy-matchy? Too party hat or clown-ish? Maybe I should order them and keep them just in case. Like Jim Carrey, who wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars dated for 1995 and then received 10 million for a film in 1995, maybe they will bring me Martha luck. Andrew thinks I need a new name for "party hats"--they do sound corny, don't they? Maybe "party hat" in French would sound nice. What would that be? Chapeau de fête, I think. Much better.


nath said...

lovely shoes, and lovely blouse.

do you know that chapeau is one of my favourite words in French? i read in a french slang dictionary that they say chapeau! to mean i take my hat off to you, good idea! that kind of thing.

oiseau and poubelle are two more favourites!

sweet post Leigh!

littlebyrd said...

You know what? I can totally see it~ you being on Martha with these. Really! I like the name is french, really fancies it up :)

caroline said...

please get that shirt before someone else does.

alex t said...

leigh - get that shirt! it is darling!

and yes, love the name in french :)


That shirt has your name written all over it! Interesting idea about the name change. Hmmm....
See you tomorrow.
Lisa & Alfie