Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Could Have Fooled Me

Yesterday I saw a woman wearing the cutest skirt. It was a black pleated skirt with a thick trompe l'oeil white lace border near the hem. It was a little bit like this sweet Esther Coombs teapot below, but with inverse colors. Once I started looking for some fun trompe l'oeil clothes and whatnot, I got a little carried away for a while. Here's a bit of what I found.

1. Vintage Hermes found here. 2. Teapot by Esther Coombs. 3. T-shirt previously from Urban Outfitters. 4. Dress by Eley Kishimoto. 5. Charlotte Ronson dress found here. 6. Moschino sweater. 7. For home, a fun dresser. Oh and here's a cute sailor T-shirt on ebay.


nath said...

love the eley kishimoto dress, that petrol blue is one of my fave colours (said she wearing a cardigan in almost the very same shade)..

shame you could get a picture of the girl - i saw a cool girl today and thought (even though i didn't have my camera) i'd like to take your picture!

littlebyrd said...

I love the yellow dress! I laughed at the last part of Nath's comment...I have so wanted to take peoples pictures when they are wearing something cute but have always been too shy to ask.