Monday, 29 June 2009

A Birthday

On Saturday night we went to Caroline's birthday party. It was only our second time out without Lois. Can you believe that? She's almost 9 months old and we've only gone out without her twice! We didn't worry at all because a friend was actually watching her. Caroline's party was so much fun! Nice people, good music, cool space, homemade cake, oreos, punch (our contribution, requested by the birthday girl), what else can you ask for? It was great. Oh, and thanks to Lisa for letting us borrow her great punch bowl.


caroline said...

thanks leigh. thanks lisa.

littlebyrd said...

Pretty party pictures! You know, LD and I have have only been out without Oliver about 2 dozen times and he is 4 ~ sad but true. I am glad you guys got out and had a nice evening!

Anonymous said...
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