Sunday, 31 May 2009

Giveaway Day!

It's giveaway day again, and this time it's a really great etched ship glass. I'm not sure what the intended purpose was for this glass. I think it would make a good snifter, but I don't know for sure if that was its original purpose. With the etched ship design, it makes a great candle holder, though.

I love little glasses like this because they can easily serve multiple purposes. This one would be great in a bathroom holding q-tips, cotton balls, bath salts, or just a tea light. It's going to be hard to part with this one! I found it recently while thrifting along with these other goodies below. More to come on the apothecary bottle (citrate magnesia bottle on the right)--that one is a keeper. The other two things you'll find in my etsy shop soon.

I think a little bryd is affecting my eyes while I'm out treasure hunting. I like her shop so much that what I've bought recently reminds me more of her shop than my own. Oh yes, and sorry for skipping the giveaway on the 15th earlier this month. I meant to tell you I was skipping it since we were out of town, but I forgot to mention it! You have until Tuesday at 12 noon pacific time to leave your comment for a chance to win the etched ship glass.

Update: And the winner is . . . Helen of the museum cupboard! Yay, Helen!



I went looking for that napkin/letter holder in your shop. I couldn't find it. Is it not for sale? I love this group photo. I did go today and found some great items.
Lisa & Alfie

Leigh said...

Hey Lisa, I'm going to list the others tomorrow. Just haven't done it yet! Looking forward to hearing what you got at the flea market.

orangesparrow said...

that is beautiful!

VintageCrafter said...

Love the wonderful ship "candle holder"!

littlebyrd said...

hahaha! Thank you. I am flattered! I work at a vintage shop once a week and I am constantly influenced by the owners choices. She will get something I will think "hmm ~ I would never have noticed that before but it is really great" And you did it here! I love the etched glass. But I would never have thought to make it a tea light holder which makes it even cooler!! Love it.

Helen said...

Ooh, love the idea of dropping a little tea light in there ... it really makes that mighty ship glow! Thanks so much for the giveaway; these are a whole bunch of fun.

Helen said...

Hurray! Thank you, Leigh. I've never won a giveaway before and am so glad this is my first. What a special piece!

art4friends said...

my my,
you have such a blissful little blog here!

I must add you to my reader at once!

Love it!