Friday, 13 February 2009

Paris: First Peek

Last night we arrived in Paris! As soon as we stepped out of the metro station, I was soooo excited. The sun was setting and the sky had a pinkish tint that was lighting the buildings along the Boulevard Saint Germain. Everything looked so pretty and so French! We're staying at a cute little hotel in the 6th arrondissement, which is near everything. (Thanks to La Mom for recommending the hotel!) Last night we ate at a terrific restaurant around the corner called La Ferrandaise, and it was one of the best meals we've ever had. So delicious! We went early and Lois just sat quietly in my lap while we enjoyed our meal. We always get a little nervous about bringing her out for fear that she'll have a screaming meltdown, but usually she's as calm as can be. This morning Andrew went to work, and I walked around a little bit and bought a wonderful almond croissant at a cafe on our street. Now I'm just waiting for Andrew to get back while Lois takes a nap. Here are a few pictures from our balcony that I took first thing this morning, and one picture of a building in the back of the hotel that you can see from the courtyard.

La Ferrandaise, where we had dinner.

The pastry shop on our street where I had the yummy almond croissant.

The beautiful, and quite ritzy, neighborhood.

The train ride from Switzerland was beautiful. Yesterday it snowed quite a bit and made everything look really pretty along the way. Below are a few pictures of the view from our train.

More to come from Paris soon . . .


Mindy said...

Beautiful photos; you must feel so Audrey-ish. I would :) What a blessing that you get to travel to such amazing places with your husband + baby. Lois will insist you take her back when she's older as she'll say, "but I don't remember that!" ;)

Ana said...

So fun! Thank you for sharing this info and the photos.

Actually, the third photo reminds me of the cover of French Milk: