Thursday, 5 February 2009

Packing Light

Aren't these little boots adorable? I bought them today at Peek-a-Bootique. They will be one of two pairs of shoes I pack for Lois because we're packing light. So, how do you pack light for two (me and Lois) in one average sized suitcase when you're going to a place that's really cold and staying for 5 weeks? It's really, really hard, let me tell you. I've been experimenting with packing all week. I'm trying to avoid a second suitcase for me and Lois because we'll already have soooo much stuff--our two suitcases (one for Andrew), the stroller, the carseat, and two carry on bags. And then there's the most important cargo, Lois. We have to carry her too, of course. Oh and the boppy (invaluable when you choose the "infant in lap" option for the long plane ride). That's more than we can haul, so I really can't bring another suitcase even if I wanted to unless we hire Jeeves to help us out.

Two years ago when we went to Dublin for 5 weeks (another work trip for Andrew), I brought two suitcases for myself. One was just filled with shoes, jackets and purses. I thought I had to have particular shoes and bags to go with certain outfits. Riducluous! That's how I felt lugging the two suitcases around to 4 different hotels during our stay. I didn't end up wearing half of what I brought, and by the end of the 5 weeks I would have happily thrown my suitcases in a river. I learned my lesson and now pack light. I'll just be wearing the same things over and over! Don't we do that anyway--wear about 10% of our clothes 90% of the time?

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