Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Zurich: Around the Neighborhood

Today Lois and I strolled around our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is really pretty. Just down the street from our apartment is a big huge hill and at the top are really big houses. I wonder if it's a Pacific Heights sort of area. The houses are fancy up on that hill.

There are a handful of really great antique shops in the neighborhood. The pictures below are from the window of a tiny antique shop down the street. They don't open till 4PM (can you believe that?) so I haven't been in yet since I usually turn into a pumpkin by then. (In general things open late here and seem to close early.)

I thought this collection of children's music boxes was really cute.

I also really like this sewing accessory kit--looks like a little heart shaped box (the one next to the little chair).

And walking around the neighborhood, it looks like spring is in the air despite some of the snow we've been having.

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