Tuesday, 10 February 2009

4 Month Birthday

Today we celebrated Lois' 4 month birthday with our usual photo shoot session. What a cutie-pa-tuttie! For month #4 she's again wearing an outfit my sister gave her. We had to hold off on the solid food experience because dad had an early meeting and we don't want to rush her first meal, so we'll do that later this week. Today it was WINDY and rainy in Zurich so we didn't get very far exploring. The stroller about blew over a number of times. We did walk around the neighborhood a little bit and went to a great vintage store called Lux Plus, which I'll post about later.

This last one is her gangsta look.


msaims said...

i love the gangsta one. she's a 'rude-girl'! ha ha ha


Love,love that second from last photo. She is really developing her own signature style and before solid foods even!

Mindy said...

Adorable. Thanks for sharing. Did your sister knit that hoodie? Cute colors. Happy 4 months!