Saturday, 31 January 2009

Where to Stay in Paris?

When we go to Zurich we're also going to take a few weekend trips, including one to Paris, YAY! We haven't booked at place to stay yet though. I'd love to stay in one of these amazing Paris apartments, but they are all way out of our price range. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to stay in Paris? I think I will email some French bloggers to see what they say too. All of the images here are from Chez Vous Paris Apartments.


Michelle said...

Oh man! We totally are going to go visit you in Zurich!! How envious we are, and sad to see you go, but we still hold out hope that Atlanta way you will settle soon.

Ashley said...

When I went to Paris last year, I stayed in a beautiful apartment close to the Seine and the Louvre.

The apartment had a kitchen, washer/dryer, and large windows which I would open to hear the Parisiens as they walked on the streets.

It was lovely!

You can find more information online at and I posted some pictures on my blog at


Leigh said...

Thanks Ashley! I'm still looking around, but apartments seem like a good bet.


Hey Leigh,
I stayed in a fantastic apartment in the Marais that we got through Chez Vous. Very clean, lots of style. Have fun.