Saturday, 24 January 2009

Speaking of Dressing Up . . .

I've added a bunch of things to my vintage etsy shop. My mom (the other half of the shop) sent me a whole box filled with goodies. I just barely made a dent in it today, but here's a start of what's in the shop now.

Woot! Update, a nice southern lady bought the snakeskin bag. Thanks Elizabeth!


The Southern Lady said...

Just so you know, after purchasing that lovely clutch, I looked at the rest of your Etsy store. Fantastic! I can't wait to take it out for a night with husband or just for a mom's day out.

A great weekend to you and yours!

The Southern Lady said...

I'm definitely going to enjoy toting this beautiful bag around! Hopefully I just won't have wee hands mussing it up with said cupcakes.

I mentioned the maple bacon donuts to my husband and he wasn't sure if he wanted one or if he shouldn't want one. He's a big lover of all consumables from the pig.

And I wish I had waited a bit longer to buy the clutch from your shop. I saw you had that lovely book on New Orleans-and as a native of the city, I flipped when I saw it. I'll have to be patient, though.

Crossing my fingers that it will be there when I'm able to do a bit more shopping!

Enjoy your weekend with your family, Leigh.