Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Beaded Sweater

One of my favorite pieces of clothing is something I've only worn a few times, which is a beaded ivory cardigan my mom gave me years ago. It's so pretty and detailed--feminine and sparkly. Before my wedding (which was in the fall), I searched high and low to find something appropriate to wear over my wedding dress during our outdoor reception. All I needed to do was look in the very back of my closet, but at the time I had totally forgotten about it. I ended up wearing a delicately knitted shawl, which I really liked too. Wouldn't it have been pretty, though, to have worn my sweater above--see how beautiful Michelle's sweater looked with her wedding dress? I just love detailed ivory cardigans. The detailing on mine reminds me of one of my favorite flowers, a cleome.

I found this post, with image below, from Allen Company Inc. regarding pretty sweaters. Looks like I'm not the only one who loves them.

In case you want to get your own pretty sweater, here are a few I found on etsy. This first one from BajueBoutique.

And this one from Rocky Mountain Retro.

And this one from Ikfarnsworth.

And this one from Reminders of the Past.

So pretty!

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