Monday, 1 December 2008

Thanksgiving At Lisa's

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Lisa's house. The company was great, the food delicious, and the decorations festive and warm. And of course Lisa's place is amazing (why wouldn't it be, she owns an antique shop after all)! Here are a few pictures. I was loosing the natural light so I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, but hopefully Lisa will let me come over and take more pictures sometime soon.

Lisa needs no lesson in setting a table--she does it all the time at the shop.

Everything was white and blue with dashes of silver and burgundy.

The new bright look in Lisa's dining room, which used to be a rust color with dark furniture.

Andrew made apple pie, which looked really pretty with all the blue accents.

Lois had her first Thanksgiving!

Lisa always decorates with something unexpected. In her bedroom, which is otherwise all black and ivory, she has this vibrant green painting that takes up one whole wall. I'm not sure if she considers this the unexpected thing in this room, but I did!

Lisa might be the queen of great lighting, from sconces to lamps to chandeliers . . . here are just a few (she has a beautiful chandelier in every room, not just these shown).

Here is Lisa carving the turkey. Thanks, Lisa, for a great Thanksgiving!


Lisa & Alfie said...

You are most welcome. Always. When I get decorated for christmas, I have you shoot the place again.
Lisa & Alfie

Michelle said...

Oh WWOOOWW, so pretty, so pretty, I can see that you two have similar taste in furnishings, I bet that was one lovely dinner. Louis looks so freaking cute! I always call her L-boo in my mind when I think of her, I have no idea why???