Wednesday, 29 October 2008

More Vintage Books for Lois

A few weeks ago I saw this Mccall's Giant Golden Make It Book on someone's blog. I can't remember whose blog it was, though, but I quickly searched to see if I could find a copy of the book for Lois. I found a few used copies on Amazon and ordered one straight away. It's filled with so many fun crafts for kids. I can't wait till Lois is old enough to pick out a few fun things to make. It's also just so darn cute and looks great in her room. All the illustrations are adorable, bright and fun.

Also, newly added to Lois' vintage book collection are these three books that Lisa and her mom gave to Lois. Zippy The Chimp was Lisa's favorite book when she was a child. She said she read it over and over. It even has her name written inside in her cute little Lisa handwriting. Then her mom gave me the First Prayers For Little Children book and The Spring Cleaning book. It was so thoughtful of them to part with some of their most treasured books and give them to Lois. Thanks Lisa!


Laura said...

I just love vintage books. They are so very nostalgic and make me think of my own childhood. So lovely to pass it on.


We just knew they couldn't go to anyone who would appreciate them more that you sweetie! I have another little "package" for little Lois.
Lisa & Alfie

Mitzi said...

Awww, that's so awesome that you are building a collection of vintage for Lois!!

indianwoman said...

I love these books. They take me back to my childhood days. I believe childhood is not complete without its share of such lovely books.