Monday, 1 September 2008

Our New Chair

Here it is! Our new chair for our bedroom. I love the color and the shape, especially the high back. I wasn't sure if I'd like our curtains with it, but I actually do. And the orange color of the upholstery looks great with all my pillows. It will be nice to have a real chair in our bedroom to sit in when the baby comes. Before we just had a little, old rocking chair that I've had for forever. You'd think a rocking chair would be nice too, and maybe even better when the baby comes, but the one we had was really little and more appropriate for a 12 year old. I could barely get up out of it when I sat in it. Time for some more grown up furniture in our room.

And here it is with my dressing table bench covered in that really pretty silk I bought.

Testing out the chair with different pillows. I have lots to choose from now!



It looks great with your colors. I would never have thought of putting those combo's together but they really work. There is definitely a fall feel going on here. very cozy.
Lisa & Alfie

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Looks great ! I love this orange velvet !

house decor said...

The chair looks lovely and comfortable, im sure you and baby will have many happy times together in it