Monday, 28 July 2008

More From The Beach

We're back in San Francisco now, but we had a great time on Vacation. Here are some more pictures from the beach (Edisto Island in South Carolina).

Cash flew a kite for the very first time (see the fish above, that's the kite). Unfortunately, it was really, really windy that day and the kite ripped off the string and blew away. I don't think I've ever seen Cash so upset. He was devastated, that is until about an hour later when he forgot about it. My sister bought him another kite the next day.

My mom and aunt brought their sewing machines and taught me how to sew bibs and pillowcase dresses!

There were a whole lot of pretty flowers along the beach access path.

Andrew and I drove to Charleston one day, which was about an hour away from where we were staying. He grew up there and wanted to show me his childhood house and show me around town. I had been once, briefly, in high school, but it was nice to go again. It was incredibly hot that day though--101 degrees! We're not used to that kind of heat anymore (not that we ever really were). My hands and feet swelled up like little balloons for the first time. We took lots of breaks and drank a lot of water so we wouldn't melt.

We walked around The College of Charleston's campus, which is beautiful.

Me on the beach!

Mom made a chocolate cake for me and my grandma whose birthday is right before mine. Yum.

Remnants of a sand castle.

Andrew made another amazing pie. This time it was peach. It was sooooooo good, I cannot even tell you how good it was. He made a lattice top crust for the first time, and it turned out great.

Ooooh, a thunderstorm! Nothing like hearing a good thunderstorm at bedtime. We were in bed about to go to sleep when we started to hear thunder rumbling in the distance one night. We decided to get up and wait for the storm to come. Setting the camera to a really long exposure time, we got this great picture when lightening struck. It was great. It's one thing we both really miss about living in the south--thunderstoms. We won't be heading back south for a while though. That was our last trip until who knows when. With baby on the way our plans are just to stay here and have people visit us, which is going to be great.

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msaims said...

charleston looks amazing...
so pretty.

what a lovely holiday you had.

cold in aussie right now. living vicariously through you northern hemisphere types.