Tuesday, 1 July 2008

From Carla's Clutter

This weekend I didn't go to the flea market because I spent my flea market loot at Carla's Clutter where I got these two things for the baby room, among other things. These aren't the best pictures, but I snapped them quickly the day before going back to buy them. I wanted to show them to my mom first to see what she thought about the prices, $30 for each. Ya'll know I'm frugal, or try to be about these things, so I sent the pics and prices to my mom to get her expert opinion. Anyway, I just love them both--above, a pair of floral print curtains, and below, a little, bright yellow nightstand. I also got an old cross stitch Bambi and Friends growth chart and a valet for Andrew (he's been wanting one for years though he never really wears suits). Carla's Clutter is closing its doors soon, so if you're anywhere near Pacifica, head over there to check it out. She has a lot of great stuff right now. And don't forget to go into The Pickled Hutch next door.

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msaims said...

oh that little yellow night stand! cute. i like the two drawer pulls. sweet detail!