Sunday, 20 April 2008

Cards from Japan

You know I love cards. I love all kinds of cards and collect them. I found this card at Yuzawaya when we were in Japan. I bought 3 of them, but now I wish I bought a few more. I just love them. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the printing is a bit raised and the background looks like a pencil sketch that got a little smeared. I think the idea was to have the card look and feel like an original collage although it's all one piece printed. The envelope basically is the card. What you see above is the outside of the envelope. There's a simple card inside the envelope, but it's the front of the envelope that really stands out. I also like the backside where you address the card. At first I wasn't so sure about the little red riding hood, big bad wolf sort of theme for a birthday card. But I think it's unique and really cute. I bought another card with a similar style, by the same artist that has a carnival theme. I love these cards! (Click on it to see it larger.)


willow said...

Welcome home! Hope you are rested up from your exciting trip.

Wonderful unique cards. I go crazy for all kinds of ephemera, too.

Katrine K said...

How exciting with your Japan-journey, i love the photos!
This card is really unique and adorable, a find!

Anonymous said...

ohh! You're the party hat girl. It's all coming together now. I tried some of your hats on at the pickled hutch. Welcome back to SF!