Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Electric Town and Ueno Park

The Tokyo weather forecast is really cute. I have no idea what any of the report says, but I can read smiley. I think this part of the weather report is hilarious and adorable. As you can probably gather from the angry smilies, we're having bad weather--grey, chilly and rainy--at least that's what I take from angry smilies and from stepping outside. But the angry smilies don't stop us. Yesterday we went to Electric Town and Ueno Park. If you need a cell phone, computer, TV, or any other kind of electronic device or part, Electric Town is the place to go in Tokyo. And it is a town--it goes on and on and on. It's was a little overwhelming, very bright and loud, but fun to see.

One of hundreds of stalls in Electric Town. The people outside the stalls yell out what seemed to be sale items or prices for various things they have. Lots of competing yelling.

Me in Electric Town. It goes for as far as your eye can see and filters into all the side streets as well.

We also went to Ueno Park to witness the cherry blossom festivities. The park was so packed, but everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. Ooo, cherry blossom trees. They were very pretty. They look like snowflake trees to me.

Locals soaking up the season.

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