Saturday, 15 December 2007

On Ice Outside

This skating duo was going to be one of my Pickled Hutch picks last Wednesday, but while I was browsing around the store, thinking of buying the pair for someone for Christmas, another customer swooped in a bought them not five minutes after I took this picture. She spotted them right away, like radar from the front of the store, which I thought was really something since these little figurines are so tiny. She said she collects them, which is how her eyes gravitated straight to them. We talked about how cute they were, and I told her I had just taken a picture of them and that before she came in I was thinking of buying them too. Now they have a new home at that nice lady's house, in her miniature town. And they are really tiny, see?

I've been ice skating outdoors at Rockefeller Center, which was wonderful, but I'd like to skate outdoors one day on a frozen lake or pond where it's really quiet with hardly any people around. This is a painting I bought at a flea market for $5. It hangs on the wall opposite of our bed so I can see it before I sleep and when I get up. I love the painting. Lately I like to think of that little river as a frozen river so I can skate on it.

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My Notting Hill said...

what a lovely post. hope you find your lake to skate on soon. I grew up skating on Owasco Lake (Auburn,NY) and 3 times since 1990 the canal has frozen in DC and we've skated on it. I think you'll find it is as wonderful as you imagine.