Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pickled Hutch Picks of the Week - 10/14

Here are my Pickled Hutch picks this week. I had a few other things in mind that I took pictures of a few days ago, but they've already sold! This is the last of my picks for the next two weeks. I'm headed to Atlanta in a few days for Thanksgiving, but I'll be back with my Pickled picks on the 5th. In the meantime, you can see what's happening at the Pickled Hutch on Lisa's new blog! Today Lisa decorated the holiday window, and it looks amazing! Maybe you will see a picture of it soon on her blog.
Oh no, I didn't write down the price of this post. Well, I think it was under $50. I'll have to ask Lisa. I think it's really cool and makes for just being a nice looking architectural piece.

How bout' them apples? Nice still life of apples. $42

Orange metal step stool. $48
And below are two of my picks that already sold. I loved this mustard colored table. And the little boy with the blown glass red balloon.

The Pickled Hutch is an antique store in San Francisco that I love. Every Wednesday I pick three items to post on my blog that I especially like. The Pickled Hutch is located at 1605 Church Street, San Francisco, CA. Open Tue. to Sun. 11 - 6:30. PH 415-641-8875. Ask for Lisa. To see more pictures of what you'll find at The Pickled Hutch, click here.

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The Pickled Hutch said...

Wow! I look at these pix and see how many have sold already. The 2 blue garden stools, the mustard metal table and the red/white mtl stepstool. You must be sprinking fairy dust on the pictures. Many thanks for your support!