Sunday, 4 November 2007

Flea King

A few days ago I was flipping through an older issue of Elle Decor and saw this house. John Derian's house is probably my favorite representation of flea market style. I recognized it right away but wasn't sure where I had seen it before. After a few minutes I remembered that some rooms in his house are featured in one of my favorite decorating books, Flea Market Style. I love decorating with old things and being surrounded by the cracked, broken, and worn, so his house is right up my alley. Today we're headed to the Alameda Flea Market, and I hope to find some worn treasures that will reflect the flea queen in me. PS. My mom's in town, and I'm so excited that she's here and going to the flea market with me! (Click the pictures below to see them larger.)

1 comment:

dawn said...

ooh, i hope you & your mom didn't behave yourselves at all at the flea market. lucky ducks.