Saturday, 17 November 2007

Bye Bye San Francisco, Hello Atlanta

Today I leave to go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I'm so excited! I'm not even that scared to fly today (at least not right this second). I'm too excited to get there. My mom says it's very cold! I'm looking forward to colder weather. Doesn't this picture of downtown Atlanta look nice and wintry?

Even though the last two days have been pretty chilly here in San Francisco, it still doesn't look like fall. Here are some pictures of a very green, lush San Francisco that I took earlier this week (with the exception of the Golden Gate Bridge Picture, which I took about two weeks ago). Beautiful, isn't it? I think so too, but I'm ready for a more wintry scene for sure.

Here is the fig tree and the apple tree in our neighbor's back yard. This is what we see when we look out of our living room window.

And then there's the Golden Gate Bridge, which always looks incredible.
Atlanta picture from Trombontim.


The Pickled Hutch said...

Bring some of that atmosphere back with you!
Have a wonderful time and say hi to your mom!

orangred said...

LEE! please share more Atlanta pics later! and
have fun...
orangred aka tj (tom/thomas joseph/tess jr)

tongue in cheek said...

Happy holiday in Alanta!